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Our  breeding program at Carson Farm. The main idea of our program is to bring new rare bloodlines to America.

We started our Warmblood program in 2000  with bringing of very nice Danish mares to our farm.We have selected the best possible mares and imported them directly from Denmark.

For a long time a majority of Trakehner horses with great blood lines from German foundation horses were breed only in Russia. And all of them were closed for the most of world’s horse breeders. Nowadays the situation has changed and our farm has found possibility to bring several excellent broodmares from Russian Trakehner Kirow stud farm and from Latvia. In there pedigrees they have such great horses as Novator, Almanach I, Hockey 41, Orech, Telez, Hrisolit, etc.

For three years we have been breeding our mares to different great stallions like Caletto III, Freestyle, Diamond and others to see what influence can bring Russian bloodlines to their offspring. We were very happy with the result! All our offspring has received very high marks with Danish and RPSI registries! That was a big fortune for Carson Farm.

In 2002 we have imported a great Russian breed Hanoverian stallion Otschag  to continue our program of bringing Russian bloodlines to America.

In 2004 season we have  received five foals by Otschag at Carson Farm. We have bread five different mares to him. One was TB mare, two Danish mares and two Kirow Trakehner. And what was really great that all of the foal came up very big, with very nice movements of the same type like Otschag and took only all  the best from their mares. And what is very imported two of them are accepted and registered with Russian Hanoverian studbook


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