1996 17h Imported Russian Hanoverian Stallion

Stud Fee $1500 

Otschag is that rare combination of sheer beauty, intelligence, exemplary character and willing desire to work and please. His top class movement is uphill from the very first step.

Otschag transfers an exceptional combination of top Olympic and champion performance bloodlines. Top foundation Hanoverian lines like Grande through Grenadier, Duellant through Duo, Abglanz through Axtzepter, and Erno from who Gauguin de Lully descends are combined with the same famous post-war bloodlines which produced Almox Prints J, Pepel, Biotop, Partout, Peron, Rusty, Abdullah, and others through his sire line including Hockey (produced over 40 Grand Prix and jumping horses), Ossian, Pilger, Polarstern, Hrisolit (Chrysolith) and Welt

At his approvals, he ranked ELITE with an overall mark of 9. Head 9/Neck/8/Withers, shoulders, breast 8/Back 9/ Croup 8/ Front legs 8/ Back legs 7/ Walk 8/ Trot 9/ Canter 9. “Very typical Hanoverian stallion with very good head and neck, round, barrel-shaped breast, good top line, wide croup. Body is based on strong foundation.”

Otschag is such a joy to ride, very light and responsive and easy to train. This special genetic material should be viewed as a gene pool to leverage with many types of mares. His first foals were born in March of 2004. There were five at Carson Farm, three more in different farms and one in Canada.




Ladimir CF  f out of  Livsvilje DW

Padruska CF f out of Poljanka Trk

Gwenivere CF f out of Longmynd Lady TB

Obereg CF c out of Bona Trk

Opus CF c out of Ramada DW

Maggie f out of Bailey QH

Hope f out of Fleeting Dollar TB

Gift from UPS c out of UPS DW

Oracle Magic c out of Alidora's Pride Han

Just A Miracle c out of Alidore Han

Annasia f out of A Little Native TB


Orleans CF c out of Poljanka Trk

BonaFide CF f out of Bona Trk

Lolita CF f out of Longmynd Lady TB

Ogon CF c out of Oshoga Trk

Admiral c out of A Little Native TB

Cinderella f out of Astons Pretty Girl QH


Oryol c out of Poljanka Trk

Anastasia f out of Watsinstore

Bonfyre c out of Bona Trk

Oberon CF c out of Oshoga Trk

Odysseus c out of Rosie DW


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Otschag Photo


Osiris CF c out of Oshoga Trk

Charisma CF f out of Corina Han

Patriot CF f out of Poljanka Trk

Magnolia CF f out of Livsvilje DW

Oz CF c out of Duessa Ltv

Ace c out of A Little Native TB

Russian Enigma f out of Bona Trk

Flying Olympia f out of Freckles QH


Contact:   Donna Ray - dray@carson-farm.com or 817-832-6650