Opus CF                                                                                                                             April 29 trough July 25 ...           

Colt, 2004, bay, RHPSI

OPUS CF, my sweet heart. He might have been the best of all the horses we ever had. You could see the Ibikus in his breath-taking trot as he frolicked beside his Mother.  But one tragic second, a kick, and long months of treatment did not help our boy to stay with us. He lives in our hearts.



Otschag R. Han

Orsk trk

Hockey 41


Grenada R. Han









Rossi xx 

Wicky by Windsor II 

OBEREG CF                                                                                                             April 2004 - December 2006...            

Rus. Hanoverian Gelding, 2004, light bay, RHPSI bronze  premium


Otschag R. Han

Orsk trk

Hockey 41


Grenada R. Han





Novator trk

Eron xx


Beda trk

Almanach I



OBEREG CF is out of Bona. Bona was imported from the Kirow Farm in Russia and is  Trakehner. Bona is by Novator, the elite Trakehner stallion. This means that Obereg has the most interesting Russian bloodlines like Priboj ox, Brimstone xx, Hirtensang, the rare Almanach I, Hrisolit, Celsius and Duo. It is so happens that Obereg CF is the youngest foal and the only colt in our farm for this year season, so he the prince among three princesses in the company of three fillies. He has very interesting bright, metallic mahogony-bay color with lots of white. He is quite a handsome boy! He has also demonstrates the characteristic excellent gaits and kind spirit. We look forward to starting his show career and know we’ll blink our eyes and that day will be here! We think his forte will be jumping or eventing.! That is what we will always remember about our sweet boy, Obereg.

Ramada, Danish Warmblood                                                                                          Passed away 02.12.2006...            



2004  Opus CF     by Otschag  












Rossi xx

Gay Baron xx



Windsor II


Ramada was by the elite Danish stallion, Rambo, winner of his 100 day test with an overall score of 9. Rambo was a Grand Prix dressage horse, but his production record counts both dressage and jumping champions. Ramada was fist in her class at Danish inspections winning an overall First Premium with a 9 in type. Comments included,” Terrific conformation. Terrific head and neck. Elastic movements.”  She is full sister to the mare, Ricotta, who is offered for sale by the breeder for $60,000.Ramada was bred to Otschag for a 2004 foal. Ramada was one of the best Danish mares we ever meet.

SACHA REBECCA, Imported Danish Warmblood, Approved Main Mare Book RHSPI                1982-2006...           


1995       Khira            by  Hokkey

2000       Lantel           by Landor S


Grand Conde

Sun Prince

Princely Gift

Costa Sola






Swing Esay

Delta Judge

Free Flowing

Sparkle in the Sky

Sky Gypsy


Of particularly interesting mare is Sacha Rebecca, an '82 model Thoroughbred  approved by Danish WB, RSPI, and Danish Trakehner programs. Sacha was born in England and traveled to Norway. Bint Jensen, who worked with Palle Thisted in his stallion station, selected her for Palle. She has produced top horses. In one breeding to Tokpij (jumping gold medallist) she produced a colt that became fully licensed at the Celle station in Germany! Then she went to Austria and back to Denmark. She should be able to come to America on frequent flyer miles!


She produced Khira  by Hockey. She's a small mare who produces great big movers and shakers. I think of her as the "little mare who does". I had the opportunity to meet with Bint Jensen and he was ear-to-ear grins when I told him we were gong to bring Sacha over. I believe in the power of good blood. I had to love her. While I was there, I had the privilege of turning out mares each day so that I would know them personally. Sacha likes to roll and roll and then sprint off ahead of her herd. 

UPS,  Imported Danish Warmblood                                                                                       Passed away in 2004...           


2004 A GIFT FROM UPS    by Otschag


Uskudar des Malais

Jalisco B

Alme Z




Reine Landriere


Safir Whistle xx

Savoy Stomper xx

Savoyard xx

Asani Nairobi xx

Final Whistle xx

Whistling Wind  xx


UPS' jumping talent gave her the status of brood mare. She was a daughter of Uskadar de Malais (Swedish team) with roots in royalty. Uskadar de Malias' dam, Kadievka, was also a Grand Prix jumper. This mare, UPS, had Jalisco B, Uriel (jumping index = the moon) on the sire side and Safir Whistle on the dam line. That's where the blood runs blue. Safir was by Savoy Stomper who was born in England at THE BUCKINGHAM stables. Nine days after his birth, his dam, Asani Nairobi, was bred again to produce Navy Blue, and that horse was presented to the Princess Benedicta of Denmark for her 18th birthday. Ups passed away shortly after she delivered her last foal by Otschag... It was a big loss...

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