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Grenada R. Han







1996 17h

Imported Russian Hanoverian Stallion

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His Sire Lines:

Otschag’s sire, Orsk, is a son of one of the International foundation sire, Hockey. Orsk was born in 1983 at Kirow Stud in Russia. This very big stallion with excellent movements was been selected for a Dressage career. He took part in class “L” and “M” shows in Russia. Now he is one of the 14 licensed Hockey sons. He produces very good dressage horses. Orsk is still used for breeding with live cover method at The Kirow. And in the winter season, you can see kids from sport school working him under saddle!

Hockey was born in 1973 at the renowned Kirow Stud on the Don River in Russia. He comes from the Hrisolit/Sund and Pomerates ox lines. Hockey was one of Russia’s most important breeding stallions. During the 16 years that Hockey was at the famous Kirow Stud, he was their most popular stallion. The horses that Hockey sires are elegant and beautiful with excellent movements and their readability is outstanding. To prove this there are more than 40 Grand Prix horses and several of them are champions or partakers both in jumping and dressage. Among them there are: Chochot, Russian champion in dressage 1990; Saporoshez, Russian champion in dressage 1993; Eskis, Russian champion in jumping 1990 and 1993; Podkhod, right now ranked as one of the worlds best dressage horses. With his rider Elena Sidneva he has won many ribbons in the Worldcup; Almox Prints J, he is one of the most successful stallions in international show jumping. He took part in two Olympics, Seoul and Barcelona, for the German team.

Foaled in 1930, Polarstern was used with very good effect on the black Trakehner herd based at the Gurdzen Farm and contributed the bone and substance which was required at that period in the breed's history, while still passing on breed type and quality. Sixteen stallions, which were standing at Trakehnen, just before its destruction were all evacuated in the autumn of 1944 and headed for the west. All were lost or disappeared in the confusion at the end of the war. Polarstern was found in the early 1950's in Poland and as such, played a very important roll in the revival of horse breeding in Poland during the period of 1946-1955 where he sired many foals. His son Welt was one of these.His blood is found in the horses of the Kirow Stud and our irreplaceable mare lines.

Black stallion Welt was born in 1951 in Poland out of very good mare Weltawa - ex Wellenbraut who has also produced in 1950 show jumping Wareg. (In 1961 Wareg had won show jumping cup in Budapest.). In 1957 Welt was sold to the Kirow Stud in Russia, where he was used for 15 years, leaving a legacy of 150 foals.

Pythagoras, born at Trakehnen in 1927, it is noted that the brown Pythagoras would have been the most influential and important stallion every used at Trakehnen if he had stood there until the end of his days, but the 1944, the evacuation of the stud put a premature end to his career. Between 1931 and 1944, Pythagoras sired 70 approved sons.

The Purebreed chestnut Arabian, Pomeranets ox, was a champion of Arabian breed in 1955. He has produced a lot of great sport horses as well as breeding horses. We can list some of them: Packet (took part in Olympic games in Mexico), Hockey. Most of horses who has Pomeranrts ox blood has beautiful white markings, Arabian passion, devotion and amazing movement!

The Arabian, Priboj ox, sire of Pomeranets ox was one of the greatest foundation sires in Russia. He has founded it’s own Trakehner line: the line of Priboj ox.

The bay Trakehner stallion, Ossian,  belongs to the Pilger line. He was born in 1937 in Germany and was taken to Russian after II World War. First of all he was excellent jumping horse and he was taken to stud at the age of 17, the same year he passed away. This unbelievable stallion has left only 12 foals but all of them were more than great and his line still produce in Russia and in Europe through Egoist, Eol, Biotop (dressage), Horalas (Jumping). This coveted blood is carried in our mare lines as well.

Hrisolit, the chestnut stallion belongs to the Trakehner Parsival line and was born in 1950 at The Kirow Stud. He was used at stud only for 5 years and left 58 very typical, lovely horses for this line. He passed in 1958. He could have contributed much more to breeding horses. But it so happens that most of them presented their life to Sport.  We are fortunate to have this horse represented in not only Otschag, but in our mare lines as well.


His Dam lines:

Duellant “was a late starter. He was intended only as a bonus to the stallion Anselmo who was treated as the absolute top sire of his day, when he first occupied a loose box at the Landesbruck station in 1946. In addition to his great expression and enormous trotting movement Duellant had a robust nature. He displayed great loyalty and dedication under the rider and before the sulky. From a competition sport point of view, he was an absolute ace as a hereditary transmitter. His most significant progeny include foremost DUX/Dr. Reiner Klimke, Mitsouko/Ilsebill Becher, Doublette/Willi Schultheis. Duellant left his mark on almost every German breed: In Bavaria is was Duell, in Mecklenburg Duel I and Don Juan, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt the genotype of Duell II. Westphalia secured itself several Duellant sons in Dualist, Duft III, Doktor, Ducker, and Durchlaucht as well as three significant grandsons in Dirigent (by Duden), Damhirsch (by Duft I) and Damokles (by Davos). In Rhineland-Palatinate-Saar, Diskus, Dorfler, Duellfurst and the Dunkel son Dewitt were on active service. In Dillenburg, Donar (by Davos) made Hessen breeding history. Duellant – in Hanover this name stood for something and was the quintessence of particular quality. It is certainly a great pity that his genotype is barely available in Hanover today and that his bloodline is almost diminished form the paternal strain. In Hanover he left behind four sons, of whom DLG king diplomat was particularly outstanding. …..” Selected Sires of Germany 2000

DUO is one of the unknown in Europe and America Duellant sons out of Schwallibhen, was born in Germany and them exported to Russia where he has produced 170 foals!Some of them were exceptionally talented for Dressage. It is interesting that in German version of the web site: http://www.horse-gate.com/jh Duo is mentioned as one of Duellant offspring and in the English site, he is not.

Gjunter - was exported from Germany. The is a Hanoverian Stallion by Grenadier out of Adriaperle. Gjunter twice had become a champion of Hanoverian breed in Leipzig before leaving Germany.

In Russia (the territory of former East Prussia) at the Georgenburg Stud, stands the best stallion of Gjunter- Gelij out of Elfewacht. Gelij has excellent jumping ability and great movement. Gelij has contributed exceptional quality broodmares.

Grenada - was big, wide mare, chestnut with blaze and four white legs, Elite Hanoverian with high marks! 10 for type, 9 for impression! , a typical mare from Goldene family, She was inspected in Russian and has excellent movements and perfect jumping talent! Total score at the inspection for Jumping: 8, hight 150 см, style of jumping 9. Unfortunately she passed very early but she has produced several exceptional foals




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